How many hours should I commit for the program?

Ideally, if you commit 3-4 hours per week, you may be able to meet the minimum program requirements. Since the program will be more activity based, the more time you can invest in playing around and trying out things on your own, the better will be your comprehension.

What do I do if I filled up my profile wrong?

This is completely okay. If you feel that while creating your profile on Telegram, you typed something wrong, you can send us an email to volunteers@rethinkfoundation.in with your PRN, the information that needs to be corrected.

Eg: If you mistyped your email address in place of your Name, you should tell us that your PRN is XXXXXXXX, you mistyped your Name and the correct response to the question is 'Your Name'.

How many girls will be selected for the program?

For the first cohort, we are looking to select 30 girls.

What do I do if I do not have a laptop?

Having a laptop/PC is a program requirement of ours because we will need you to do your own research and complete certain activities and this can be easier done on a desktop rather than a mobile. However, if you can make arrangements for a laptop or desktop (like may be use the Computer Facility in your college or take help from a friend), that should also be fine.

In any case, you can write to us and let us know about your situation and we can look to work something out :)

Edit your Profile

If you faced trouble while creating your profile on Telegram - If the data you entered was jumbled or wrong, you might not have received a confirmation email of your application or any further updates from us. As of now you have been emailing us at v@r in resolving this.

In order to do you fix this issue on your own, what we have done is enabled an Edit Profile option in the Rethink bot.

To edit you profile, ping the rethinkbot on telegram and type /editprofile. You will then be able to edit your profile from the start, in the correct order.

Do remember to be patient with the bot and to not hurry when typing your responses.

Check the status of your application

There appears to have been some confusion regarding application submission to the WITx program. Clarifying that by creating the profile on the rethinkbot, you have only Expressed interest in the WIT program and have not applied to it.

To be considered for the WITx program, you will be required to complete an additional application form as well.

To know the status of your application, ping the rethinkbot on telegram and type /status. You will then know whether you have only expressed interest or whether we have received your application.

If your status is interested and if you wish to put in an application, type /WIT to get the application link and further details.