Women in Tech

Learning Program

Rethink's Women in Tech Learning Program is a 4 week learning program for female engineering students, designed to equip them to leverage the various Women in Tech opportunities.


There are a number of excellent opportunities for female engineering students out there. These opportunities mostly provide financial aid for young, smart women to pursue technology, and also facilitate mentorship/industry connect for them to excel in their career.

Some of the existing brilliant opportunities for women in tech in India are:

  1. GHC Student Scholarship
  2. Facebook-GHC Scholarship
  3. GHC India Student Scholarship
  4. WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholarship
  5. Adobe Women in Tech Scholarship
  6. Google Women Techmakers Scholarship
  7. Western Digital Scholarships for STEM
  8. Rails Girls Summer of Code
  9. Outreachy

Most of our girls do not apply to these programs NOT because they do not have the merit to get selected but mostly because:

  • They are not aware about these opportunities.
  • They do not know how to go about the application process.
  • They don't believe that they can get selected.

This is where our Learning Program comes in to facilitate information, guidance and support in equipping them with the necessary skills to apply to opportunities such as above and get selected.

If you are a female engineering student, this program is for you. The program has been curated based on the learning and insights from over 100 girls who have nailed these opportunities.

It is going to be a 4-week hustle to improve your confidence and skills in applying to these opportunities. You can expect to have super interactive, fun activities paired with peer-learning throughout the course. You will also receive access to the previous winners of these programs and learn from the winners themselves. By the end of the program, you can expect to be aware of the various WIT Opportunities, how you can discover them, how you can put in a winning application and how you can improve your profile so you stand a better chance at getting selected.

Introducing WITx

We've received an overwhelming response from students across India for our Cohort 2 program. While we initially thought of following a pattern similar to Cohort 1 for Cohort 2 as well, we realise that this would mean we will have to turn down a majority of the applicants and pick only 30 students. Given that we wish to work with all girls who have expressed interest, we have decided to open WITx programs, which is a 2-week open learning version of our WIT Learning Program. The program's structure will be similar to that of WIT Learning Program and will happen entirely online.

All participants applying to WITx (or have already applied to Cohort 2) will have the opportunity to participate in WITx. There is expected to be a selection process where you'll be expected to complete a set of activities. Your completion of the activities will determine your selection to the program.

The WITx program, although similar to the WIT program will be lighter, shorter and will focus more on building fundamental skills that help you get selected to these opportunities. Participants completing the WITx program will also stand a better chance of getting selected to Cohort 2 of the WIT Learning Program.

Rethink's WITx Learning Program is a 2 week learning program for female engineering students, designed to equip them to leverage the various Women in Tech opportunities.

Program Details

Program Pre-requisites

Our learning program will be conducted online. All our key communication will be facilitated over email and our discussions will happen on telegram, which is why it is imperative that you regularly check your email inbox and also have a telegram account.

So, it is mandatory that you have:

  • Access to a laptop/desktop
  • Access to reliable internet connection
  • A telegram account
  • A working email address

Feel free to apply if,

  • You're interested in applying to WIT Opportunities
  • You're committed to learning and improving your skills
  • You're open and willing to share your learning and experiences

In the program, we will cover,

  • Discovering Opportunities
  • Validating Opportunities
  • Writing Application Essays
  • Building your Resume
  • Seeking Recommendation Letters
  • Getting your Application Reviewed
  • Improving your Profile
  • Building an Online Presence

What you can expect is a series of fun activities to understand each of the topics above. When it comes to applying to opportunities, there is no one right answer. It is always about perspectives and how you approach these opportunities. This is why you will have a more hands-on experience and will rely heavily on peer-learning/discussions to form perspectives. We will also look to rope in previous winners of these opportunities so they can share their approach, perspectives, learnings and experiences that helped them get selected.

To know more about why we rely on peer-learning, checkout this blog.

During the program, you will be expected to

  • Actively participate in all discussions and activities.
  • Maintain weekly TWTWs.

(TWTW stands for The Week That Was and is a summary of your learning and experiences through the week. Checkout some sample TWTWs here)

By the end of the program,

  • You would be familiar with Opportunities in the WIT space and their Application Processes
  • You would have completed first version of a typical application for WIT Opportunities
  • You would have improved on your learning, confidence and had lots of fun.
  • You would have access to a peer-network of smart female engineers.
  • You would have access to previous winners of WIT Opportunities.


We are currently inviting applications for the WITx Learning Program. All applicants applying to the program will go through a selection process and all those who successfully complete the selection process will make it to the WITx program.

The deadline to apply to WITx Program is October 14, 2018.

Program Anchor

Arya is a 2015 WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholar and a 2016 GHCI Scholar.

Since 2017, she has been leading the Opportunity Project at Rethink where she facilitates guidance and support to students and help them avail various opportunities at their disposal.

So far, the Opportunity Project has touched over 7000+ students who have collectively applied to opportunities worth INR 6 Crores and secured opportunities worth INR 1 Crore.

Program Mentors

Program Coaches

Scholarship Partner

GHCI is India’s largest technical conference for women in computing and technology. The conference is co-presented by the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) India and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) India. ABI India has been successfully organising this annual conference since 2010.

This year, WIT Program has partnered with AnitaB (GHC) India in setting up the WIT-GHCI Scholarship that is awarded to Top 5 performers of the WIT Program's Cohort 1.

Selected students will receive a GHCI 2018 Conference pass worth INR 8500.

Timeline: WITx

Applications Close - Oct 14, 2018

Stage 1 Selection Results announced- Oct 15, 2018

Stage 2 Selection Results announced- Oct 21, 2018

Program starts - Oct 22, 2018

Program Ends - November 5, 2018

Cohort 1 of the WIT Learning Program has been culminated.

Cohort 2 of the WIT Learning Program will happen in Summer of 2019.

WITx Learning Program will happen from Oct 14 - Nov 5, 2018.

Application Process

As with every opportunity, we also have an application process. The purpose of this process is for us to know slightly more about you as a person and what your aspirations in life are.

Your application to the program happens in two stages:

1. You record your interest.

2. You fill the application form.

Stage 1 (Recording your interest) happens on Telegram. We use our Rethink Bot on telegram to create your profile with us and capture your interest in the program. Once you create your profile, you will receive a Profile Reference Number(PRN) along with the main application form. This is a number unique to you and will be asked for in the main application.

Stage 2 (You filling the main application) happens through a Google Form. After creating your profile, you get the link to the main application form. You can enter the PRN you receive when you create your profile with us and fill in the remaining application. Upon successful submission of the application, you'll receive a confirmation email from us.

Remember, if your PRN is invalid, your application submission will also be considered invalid.

How to set up your profile with us

Here is what you should do to set your profile and record your interest in Stage 1:

  • Create an account on Telegram and Sign in.
  • Find our Rethink Bot. You can search for @rethinkbot on Telegram or Click here to find the bot.
  • Type /WIT.
  • If your profile already exists with us, the bot will record your interest in the WIT program and will directly your PRN and application link.
  • If your profile does not exist with us, the bot will prompt you to create your profile. After you create the profile, type /WIT once more to record your interest and receive your PRN as well application link.


  • The bot might take a while to respond to your queries. Please be patient while you wait to create your profile.
  • Using a random PRN or a PRN that belongs to someone else will make your application invalid.

Application Walkthrough

Help and Support

We have a telegram group created for you to quickly clarify your queries. Upon recording your interest with us by typing /WIT in the bot, you will also receive the link to join our group. You can click on the link to join the group and ask away your queries there. We will be available in the group from 6 PM to 7 PM to answer your queries.

You may also email your queries and clarifications to v@r (volunteers@rethinkfoundation.in).

The story so far

Rethink has been assisting students and particularly female engineering students in making use of various opportunities available to them for over 18 months. In 2017, we started with providing awareness and guidance to over 1200 girls in applying to the GHCI Student Scholarship. Of the 200 smart girls that were finally selected, 42 were from Kerala.

We went on to providing guidance for various such opportunities and as on date have touched over 5000 girls across Kerala. Collectively, these girls have applied to opportunities worth INR 6 Crores and have secured opportunities worth INR 18 Lakhs.

Here's what our previous participants have had to say:

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